Custom smartphone icon sets

I designed two custom icon sets for AppArtEment that you can use for your iphone and android based smartphones. The first one is about a chubby bunny and the second one is a blissful scene from a koi pond. There are enough custom icons that you can assign for multiple apps.

There are also a handful artsy custom icon sets made by Japan based artists and musicians.

Download the app from here (the app is in Japanese, but it is easy enough to navigate):



New design available exclusively through Red Dirt shop

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Dawn from Red Dirt shop for possible collaboration. Red Dirt is a social business that creates opportunity for artist and also help the world at the same time. They make smartphone cases and extend a portion of the sale to social organization partners.

This design is now made available from Red Dirt shop on smartphone cases. You can get it here:


For every case sold, $5 will be contributed to water.org to help provide water access to people in developing country.


Things that happened recently

I have not update my blog for a while. My designs are now available as lamp shade from Lampinabox.com. Check this link for complete collection: http://www.lampinabox.com/budi-kwan

A few of my designs are also being sold US-wide as t-shirt. You can get it from GAP store around US. One of them is even featured on Glee!

If you are looking for something different, modern and rustic for your home, you can get some of my prints on solid wood from Printsonwood.com: http://www.printsonwood.com/artists/budikwan/. Pictured here is one actual print out from Printsonwood.

Two of my designs were chosen by MARVEL for their Ironman and Spiderman t-shirt collection at Threadless. I am not the type who drop names often, but now I can bring that name up on some chatting after dinner. Ha!



Available For Sale

These illustrations and patterns are available for sale. Contact me at first.plan@yahoo.com!


Home products at DENY designs

Shower curtain, throw pillow, duvet cover, bed sheet, wall clock and a lot more. With my designs on them. Check it out! http://denydesigns.com/collections/budi-kwan-all-art

shower curtain, throw pillow, duvet cover, wall clock from Deny designs
Home products by Budi Kwan at denydesigns.com


Urban Fidelity Speaker

I was approached by Nana to have my design on Urban Fidelity. A little about Urban Fidelity speaker:

Urban Fidelity™ Art Speakers combine great artwork, fantastic sound, obsessive quality, and non-toxic construction in a reasonably priced package. All made locally in Los Angeles.

Their official home page:  http://www.urbanfidelity.com/

They are currently running on pre-order for the speaker at kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1671134483/urban-fidelity-speakers. The speaker is priced at $269 including free tee and free shipping to US (normal $399) during this pre-order time. As I am writing this, there are 17 out of 50 spots left for pre-order.

My design looks bad ass on the mock up here:

Their official home page:  http://www.urbanfidelity.com/